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This template creates a page link with an image of the item as it's shown in the inventory.

Usage[forrásszöveg szerkesztése]

By default, this uses images from {{InvSprite}}. To use images from File:Grid <name>.png and to work with mods, you need to set {{{icon}}} to grid.

Examples[forrásszöveg szerkesztése]

Code Result
{{InvLink|Cobblestone}} Cobblestone
{{InvLink|Lava|Lava (Inventory)|icon=grid}} Grid Lava.png Lava (Inventory)
{{InvLink|id=Stone|Monster Egg|Silverfish Stone}} Silverfish Stone
{{InvLink|Saddle}} Saddle
{{InvLink|id=Iron Cap (Thaumcraft)|Mods/Thaumcraft/Iron Cap|Iron Cap|icon=grid}} 16px Iron Cap
{{InvLink|Fire|icon=invicon}} 16px Fire

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