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This template is used to create an interface that looks similar to the Hotbar.

See Template:Inventory slot for basic slot usage, this documentation page will cover additional or different functions.

Usage[forrásszöveg szerkesztése]

|Slot 1
|Slot 2
|Slot 3
|Slot 4
|Slot 5
|Slot 6
|Slot 7
|Slot 8
|Slot 9
|selected=Selected slot, 1-9
|hotbar=Hotbar img
|selector=Selection img

Any empty slots can be left blank.

Examples[forrásszöveg szerkesztése]

Blank slots
{{hotbar|Grass Block|||Dirt|Wheat}}

Direct slot specification
{{hotbar|1=Grass Block|4=Dirt|5=Wheat}}

Selected slot
{{hotbar|Grass Block|||Dirt|Wheat|selected=4}}

Grid functions
{{hotbar|Grass Block|||Dirt,5;Block of Diamond,64|Wheat,16|IndustrialCraft:Advanced Circuit,2|selected=4}}

File usage[forrásszöveg szerkesztése]

See also[forrásszöveg szerkesztése]

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