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Az oxigén sáv.

Ha a játékos kifogy az oxigénből a víz alatt, akkor elkezd fulladni és 2 (Heart.svg)/másodperc sebességgel veszti az életét. Mobs can drown as well, though they usually do not, as all mobs (besides iron golems) attempt to swim upward when in water. Tintahal will "drown" in air instead of in water, and vasgólem és guardians will not drown at all.

While mining, consider keeping at least one placeable solid block ready somewhere on your toolbar (such as föld or zúzottkő) for quick access. If you mine into a spring (or worse, the ocean), you should be able to place the block in the hole to prevent drowning.

If you place a torch on a vertical surface next to you at head height whilst underwater, you create an air bubble which lasts for the split second it takes the water to destroy the torch, thus refilling your oxygen meter without resurfacing. létra, tábla, kerítés, csapóajtó, ajtó és cukornád can create permanent air bubbles underwater. You can also scoop up some water with a bucket to achieve the same effect, or destroy the block directly above you, if there is one.

In Pocket Edition 0.8.0, the player actually has 11 air bubbles but once submerged, the 11th bubble instantly disappears.